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LFG Comics is a world of warcraft comic that have come out with a couple cartoons. Slaughter Your World is one of them and is part of a LFG movie coming in 2008. This post is for my Horde brethren in AIE on the Earthen Ring server.



A Gentleman’s Duel

“A Gentleman’s Duel” comes from Blur Studios who create CGI for video games, trailers, graphics for sports broadcasts, and advertisement designs. “A Gentleman’s Duel” has amazing animation, great comedic timing, and A GIANT! Well I don’t want to give it away. The only negative is that the sound is very soft so crank up your speakers and enjoy.

What is Cloverfeild???

Cloverfield is the latest movie from my BF JJ Abrams first there was Alias, Lost, MI3, Star Trek, and not this wonderful example of a viral marketing plan I’ve ever seen. My personal theory about this movie is that it’s not a Godzilla remake but… Mothera!!! My biggest fear is that Will Smith and his German shepherd come walking in saying “Damn! This is the wrong movie isn’t it?”

Best Skittles Commercial Ever

I don’t know when this commercial aired I must have been for the Super Bowl because I’ve never seen it. I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Hello world!

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