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Lets All Hate Toronto

“Lets All Hate Toronto” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to a sold out show that stretched around the block.   I  saw this film weeks later at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax Nova Scotia… and loved every minute of it.

Lets All Hate Toronto is a comedic documentary about, well Canadians obsession with hating Toronto. I fallows “Mr. Toronto” aka filmmaker Robert Spence and his Toronto Appreciation Day campaign across Canada. Even though it is a light hearted doesn’t taking itself to seriously film I felt at times like I was being attack about hating Toronto.  Apart from that the film was a laugh a minute and chock full of references to Toronto’s “greatness”.

I found this film informative, thoughtful, and the journey of Mr. Toronto was the best part buy far.  I encourage people how haven’t seen this film to find it on DVD when it comes out in the not so distant future.

I give this Film five stars!



I’ve just added a new page to my blog! It’s yet another home for some films I have worked on over the last two year. I’ll be updating them every once and a while so stay tuned. The first one is “Dogboy” so click on over and check it out.

Transformers 2: The Sequel

So apparently our good friend Micky Bay last week said that he would not direct the Transformers sequel when Paramount announced there exclusivity with HD dvd. However! Later that day he retracted that statement and Bay and Paramount kissed and made up. I however I think it was a cover up for the casting problems they where have with the sequel, as seen in the video seen below.

A Gentleman’s Duel

“A Gentleman’s Duel” comes from Blur Studios who create CGI for video games, trailers, graphics for sports broadcasts, and advertisement designs. “A Gentleman’s Duel” has amazing animation, great comedic timing, and A GIANT! Well I don’t want to give it away. The only negative is that the sound is very soft so crank up your speakers and enjoy.

What is Cloverfeild???

Cloverfield is the latest movie from my BF JJ Abrams first there was Alias, Lost, MI3, Star Trek, and not this wonderful example of a viral marketing plan I’ve ever seen. My personal theory about this movie is that it’s not a Godzilla remake but… Mothera!!! My biggest fear is that Will Smith and his German shepherd come walking in saying “Damn! This is the wrong movie isn’t it?”