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Lets All Hate Toronto

“Lets All Hate Toronto” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to a sold out show that stretched around the block.   I  saw this film weeks later at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax Nova Scotia… and loved every minute of it.

Lets All Hate Toronto is a comedic documentary about, well Canadians obsession with hating Toronto. I fallows “Mr. Toronto” aka filmmaker Robert Spence and his Toronto Appreciation Day campaign across Canada. Even though it is a light hearted doesn’t taking itself to seriously film I felt at times like I was being attack about hating Toronto.  Apart from that the film was a laugh a minute and chock full of references to Toronto’s “greatness”.

I found this film informative, thoughtful, and the journey of Mr. Toronto was the best part buy far.  I encourage people how haven’t seen this film to find it on DVD when it comes out in the not so distant future.

I give this Film five stars!